Hi! I’m an 80’s-born Helsinki native, spending my time on interesting projects that represent passion and amount to work: an anthropologist currently working in publications, managing both texts and teams.

I enjoy working with flexible schedules and room for improvisation and improvement. I’m good at organizing and taking care of the big picture. Easily inspired, I do what I do with love.

By nature, I am active, fast and efficient with the things I do, and sudden in taking new turns. However, I feel our society is far too focused on achieving and performing at the expense of staying connected to our senses & sensibilities. The balance between attention and relaxation is of special interest to me.

  • MA in social and cultural anthropology from University of Helsinki
  • Anthropological points of interest: consciousness, memory, genders and sexualities, play, imagination, religion and spirituality
  • Executive editor / manager at online and print publications (see Projects)
  • Consultation in increasing the quality of consciousness in everyday life
  • Yoga, kung fu, literature, photography, painting, computer games, bicycling and growing green things
  • For more detailed professional info, check my LinkedIn page.